About John Crowther Woodworks


John Crowther, proprietor of John Crowther Woodworks, is a

Hockley Valley area craftsman skilled in

reproduction carpentry and period millwork replication.

Also serving the Greater Toronto Area.

Reproduction Carpentry for Your Home

With his strong design background, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship he helps transform clients’ homes into special living spaces that are warm, refined and pleasing to their owners. John provides “end to end services” including design, consultation, construction and installation services. For example:

•Did you fall in love with a specific antique mantel but it’s the wrong size for your home and would like to have it reproduced to fit?

•Do you need to match existing trim or moulding in your older home that you just cannot find at the local home building store?

•Do you love the wainscoting in your dining room so much that you wish to incorporate it into your new living room or would you like to incorporate details of your home’s exterior gingerbread inside your home?

Here are just some of the special details that John can create:

replication of historic and architectural millwork such as mouldings and gingerbread

turned accents such as balusters, finials, furniture legs

built-ins, custom shelving units

custom mantels, wainscoting and paneling

Reproduction, Repurposing and Restoration of Antique Furniture

John can also help restore antiques by replicating the missing pieces, adapting old furniture for new uses or even build custom furniture to replicate antique styles. For example:

•Do you need the legs replaced on that period chair you found at an antique store?

•Did you find a great antique piece and would like to have it repurposed for a new use (an antique wardrobe into a TV cabinet perhaps)?

  1. Did you see a great antique cabinet that you would like reproduced to your specifications?

John also creates one of a kind decorative accents that are inspired by the beauty of the Hockley Valley region. His pieces are handcrafted from locally harvested timber and include.

  1. Unique turned bowls

  2. Wall art

  3. Designer kitchen Ware

If you have a specific project in mind, would like more information or have some

ideas you’d like to discuss, he can be reached for a free consultation at

(519) 940-9447.